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Every time I see Jared wearing his black fedora I get all giddy because my friend sold it to him. This (first pic) is a pic she took of him and Thomas when he bought the hats a year ago. Apparently he came into her store in Vancouver looking for a hat for Thomas, so she showed him this matching pair of hats for kids & adults, and he bought them both. Genevieve was outside or at another store somewhere, but Jared bought Thomas’s hat saying he knew she would love it. My friend knew I was a huge SPN fan so she had to get a pic of him for me. After they tried the hats on, she said, “wow, that looks so cute! Do you mind if I take a picture?” and Jared looked at her suspiciously, smiled, and said okay. Then she posted this pic on Facebook to make me jealous. It was super effective.


J2 on jet skis




He doesn’t seem to give a crap tho.


  1. It’s a Star Wars reference and they’re both super big nerds
  2. Charlie is a lesbian and she means she loves him like a brother
  3. Dean has said that she’s like the little sister he never wanted

to a geek, Dean’s reply is 1000x better than a simple “I love you too”. Especially in a situation like this where she was a bit hesitant to say it. Dean broke the tension while also showing how much he appreciates her and the geekdom she brings into his life

(Source: deanspopculture)

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