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This text can be long, and although James does not see it, I write it:

I want to wish this great guy, a great day; I am very proud to have him as an idol. He us taught to always fight. Despite the teasing he suffered, he went ahead, and is now succeeding in everything.

He is a perfect example of overcoming (at least for me).

Something I always acknowledge him, is the gift that had to Hanna, take a “Disneyland”, compensation that James could not assist the prom from Hanna

That, or rather almost … No artist (to my knowledge) does.

That was an amazing detail, James is a humble and simple person, despite having an immense fame, is very noble.

There should be more people like him. I also want to mention the great talent he has, I swear, this guy is perfect lol! 

Would this even longer text, but not want to bore you. 

Dear James, if by chance or destination, you get to see this … 

Happy Birthday, to all rushers has been an inspiration and we are proud of their achievements. 

Warrior of warriors, love you very much and congratulations.

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